Heathrow Expansion Supply Chain Opportunities

The expansion of Heathrow will deliver the capacity that the UK needs to extend its international footprint.  We wish to make our businesses aware of the opportunities this expansion presents, as logistics hubs across the UK are established.

Businesses have until Dec 2020 to register their interest in being part of the supply chain for the Heathrow Expansion project.  The first hub is expected to be operational by the end of 2020. 

There will be four hubs across the UK and these should be selected by the end of May 2020. At present, two sites within Northern Ireland are on the shortlist including the former Shackleton Barracks in Ballykelly, led by MJM Marine. Regardless of the final outcome, there will be opportunities for the right businesses across all four hubs.

The Supply Chain Opportunities will focus on:

  • Pre-fabrication off site
  • Assembly, configuration, testing and commissioning
  • Prototyping, trialling and research
  • Consolidation, storage, security and QA
  • Logistics

Any businesses in construction/manufacturing/engineering are encouraged to register for this exciting opportunity. It will be a 30 year contract for those involved.

Please express your interest via the Heathrow Expansion Portal