Rural Business Development Grant (closes noon 18 Dec 2019)

The Tackling Rural Poverty and Social Isolation Programme’s (TRPSI) Rural Business Development Grant Pilot Scheme aims to sustain and support the development of micro rural businesses across Northern Ireland by providing a small capital grant for the business.

The TRPSI Programme is funded by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs, and this grant Programme is administered and managed by local Councils.

The Scheme can provide funding of up to 50% of costs for capital items up to a maximum of £4,999. The minimum grant awarded will be £500. The total cost of the capital project must be a minimum of £1,000 and must not exceed £20,000. Applicants must provide the remaining match funding towards the project.  This is a competitive process and all grants awarded will be determined on the base of merit. 

The deadline is NOON on Wednesday 18th December 2019.

To find out more details on what can and cannot be funded, please visit  Grants and Funding  page on the Council website, or contact

Bridget McCaughan 

(Economic Development Officer – Enterprise)

Tel: 028 7776 0304