Rural Development Programme

The Rural Development Programme aims to disperse funding through six different schemes.

The Rural Business Investment Scheme will provide investment support for the creation and development of new and existing micro and small enterprises engaging in non-agricultural activity (including farm diversification and private tourism businesses) in rural areas.

You could access 50% funding support for your project – max £30,000 for new businesses, £50,000 for existing micro businesses, £90,000 for existing small businesses.

Eligibility criteria applies in terms of location and business category. Rural Businesses are those in a rural area and outside the settlement development limits of Limavady, Coleraine, Ballymoney, Ballymena, Portrush, Portstewart. Industry Categories that may not be eligible include retail, agricultural and some accommodation provision.

All businesses applying will require a business plan and 3-year financial projections to support their application something which the Alchemy programme can assist with.

To find out about types of projects that we can support or have an opportunity to talk to the Rural Development Programme (RDP) team about the process involved and the timescales.

Call 6 opens 16/7/2018 – 13/8/18 

Call 7 opens 8/10/18 – 5/11/18 

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Tel: 028 777 6303